Tackers 2 - Tips & Techniques


Sat 21 Oct 2023 08:30 — Sat 25 Nov 2023 12:00
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Australian Sailing - 4. Tackers 2 - Tricks & Techniques

Course information

Registrations for this course are closed.

Tackers 2 Tips & Techniques following on from Tackers 1.

Event will run from  8.30am to Noon. 

Your Children will learn Boat Handling Skills, Rules and Safety and Sailing Theory

Please bring your Enthusiasm and Adventure Spirit.

Course Fee = $275

Course Overview
This course aims to build on the fun participants had in Tackers 1, to progress their sailing skills. 

Course Prerequisites

  • Water confident
  • 7-12 years-old
  • Skills, knowledge and experience gained in Tackers 1.

Who should do this course?

This course is designed for participants who have completed Tackers 1.

Course Outcome

By the end of the Tackers 2 course, the participants will be able to:

  • Get out of irons on their own
  • Safely gybe the boat
  • Correctly use the tiller extension
  • Sailing around a triangle course, including:
    • Upwind - on a close hauled course tacking through the 'no go zone'
    • Downwind - with centreboard up
    • Reaching - correct sail position
  • Demonstrate a 360 and 720-degree turn

You will gain your Tackers 2 completion certificate. 

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