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            This register is to help both Skippers find crew and potential Crew find a boat to sail


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Date Registered: Name: Contact No: Email: Preferred Division: Sailing Experience: Comments:
24/04/23 Adam Uren 0451718351
Division 2 - Cruising
Grew up with sea scouts and sailed Red Witches at SoPYC for 10 years.
Hoping for a regular spot on a crew if possible.
19/03/23 Michelle Weir 0405562652 Catamarans None Just did a learn to sail course but want more experience.
13/03/23 Leo McDonald 0438612900 Catamarans
At 16 years of age, Leo came third in the recent Windrush State Finals
Able to finish a race in challenging conditions
6/02/23 Freddie Seymore
& Chelsea Needs

Catamarans Sailed on many boats throughout our childhoods. Very handy and keen to help out on any division. Living in Margaret River. Planning to be a crew member on our family members boat next year (crossing the Pacific Ocean, Panama to French Polynesia) so looking to brush up on skills before March 2024. Ideally we would like to crew together. 
05/02/23 Michael Thomas 0433978291 Div 1 - Cruisers Roughly 1000nm on sailboats in the Whitsundays working as a host/deckhand Looking for any new sailing experience and to get back out on the water. Available for any division but am new to racing. Currently living in Margaret River
30/01/23 Jordan Petzer 0421158376 Div 1 - Cruisers Significant bluewater and coastal cruising experience. Have been racing Tasars on the Swan River for the last few years. I'm living in the area for the summer, would love to get out on the water and help crew. Not fussy on the boat or division!
10/01/23 Claire & Adrian Prendergast 0429928667 Any Division Just completed foundation skills of sailing 3-day course at Fremantle Sailing Club (Jan 2023). Some experience on boats, looking to build experience sailing and soon to buy a yacht/ yacht share. Can follow instructions! Good availability weekdays and weekends, happy to crew in any division. Prefer to crew together. Based in Margaret River.
8/12/22 Elyse Boulanger 0478501694 Div 1 - Cruisers Foredeck, pit on various boats in Fremantle and Canada. Racing & cruising.  
4/12/22 John McQueen 0457944235 Div 2 - Cruisers Day skipper UK - 15 years ago Not sailed for 10 years but still keen.
4/12/22 Christine Covich 0409103750 Sharpies Have sailed before Happy to be fill in crew, work & other commitments, and any dinghy sailing.
4/12/22 Stephen Hubbard 0457201724 Sharpies Sailed a lot 50 years ago and did several courses in dinghy sailing.  
4/12/22 Kim Stock 0422486840 Div 1 - Cruisers Social sailing on cruise boats. I am in Busselton one weekend a month at present.  Need to brush up on skills as I'm a bit out of practice.  Would be interested in twilight sailing if available on Friday nights.
4/12/22 Ben Beven 0417759442 Sharpies A few races in 2021 and sailing training prior to that. I'm a quick learner and keen to get out on the water, have some fun and meet new people.



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