NOR, EOI's & Current Entries


The regatta is classified Australian Sailing (AS) Special Regulations Category 6 or better and is open to boats eligible in the following divisions. 

  • Division 1 – Racing
    Boats holding a current IRC Rating Certificate are included.
  • Division 2 – Racing
    Boats holding a current IRC Rating Certificate are included.
  • Super 30 Fleet
  • Premier Cruising
    May include spinnakers
  • Jib and Main
    Spinnakers shall not be permitted.
  • Trailer Sailers
  • Multihull
  • Short Handed
    • ▪ Minimum of 2 crew
      ▪ Maximum number of crew per yacht shall be determined by the length of the yacht as follows:
      o Less than 30 feet = 2 crew
      o 30 to 40 feet = 3 crew
      o More than 40 feet = 4 crew.
  • Viper
  • Flying 15

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Entered 2024 Event IRC
Div 1 - Racing Mark Pitt HYC Mulberry Beneteau First 35 Entered 1.012
  Paul Arns FSC Obsession MAT 1245 Entered 1.116
  Hilary Arthure RPYC Wyuna Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600 Entered 1.044
  David Atkinson SoPYC Tapestry Jeanneau Sun Fast 3600 Entered 1.040
  David Evans GBYC Full On Sabor 40  Entered  
  Chris Higham SoPYC Helios ii Archambault 40 Entered  
  Brian Kerr FSC Arajilla Archambault 35 Entered 1.019
  James Halvorsen FSC Giddy Up Farr 395 Entered 1.088
Super 30 Fleet Alan Stein FSC Dirty Deeds DC Cape 31 Entered 1.133
  Rob Scharnell RPYC BOOM Melges 32 Entered  
  Simon Schulbergs/Rebekah Robertson RFBYC Gypsy Thomson 870 Entered  
  Peter Chappell RFBYC The Cadillac Barrat 9.4 Entered 1.128
  Nigel Smith FSC Lets Dance Flying Tiger 10 Entered  
  Russell Batley KBSC Short Fuse Flying Tiger 10 Entered  
  Ben Lawrie DBSC Vitesse Esse 850 Entered  
Div 2 - Racing Rob McDonald RPYC Caramia Adams 10 Entered  
  Peter Cook/John Palmer RPYC Eufarria Farr 9.2 Entered  
  Kevin Phillips TCYC Make No Mistake Fremantle 8 Entered  
  Murray Rowe RPYC Frenzy Farr 9.2 Entered  
  Brett Winfield KBSC Electric Tram Titan 36 Entered  
  Ernie Delfos FSC Windswept Sunfast 32 Entered  
  John Ayres GBYC Exhil-R8 Runnals 8 Entered  
  Bruce Walker/Noelene Snelling KBSC Calamari run Melges 24 Entered  
  Heidi Bucktin FSC RAMP Melges 24 Entered  
  Gareth Jackson DBSC No Brakes  Colson 550 Entered  
Div 2 - Racing S97s Neil Forster GBYC Sky Rider S 97 Entered  
  David Hepburn RPYC Jolie Breeze S 97 Entered 0.979
  Simon Plunkett RPYC Terra S 97 Entered  
  Alastair McMichael RPYC Silver Fern S 97 Entered  
  Fred Talbot KBSC Ocean Cowboy S 97 Entered  
  Karl & Elisha Civil GBYC Low Flying Duck S 97 Entered  
Jib & Main Fleet A Geoff Salter/David Godfrey FSC Tilt Hanse 400 Entered  
  Adrian Wilson FSC KULAHEA Jeanneau Sun Odysey 41 Entered  
  Tony Yates FSC The Mrs Beneteau Oceanis 48 Entered  
  Ian Anderson KBSC COOEE 38 Sydney 38 Entered  
  Captain Bling MoFSC Bird on a Wire Farr 40 Entered  
  Gordon & Di Dunbar SoPYC Spritzig 2 Dufour 40 Entered  
  Lyn Powell & Ian Whitehead FSC Fourth Dimension Dufour 40 Entered  
Jib & Main Fleet B Martin Smith PFSYC Carouselambra Beneteau Oceanis 41 Entered  
  Tony Mills RPYC Lady Liza Bavaria 37 Entered  
  Tony Carter RPYC Still Cruisin' Beneteau First 41S5 Entered  
  Gary Griffiths RPYC Heavan Can Wait Bavaria 38 Entered  
  Ron Keogh FSC Knot Dreaming Du Four Grande Large 365 Entered  
  Franco Pieri FSC Medusa Dehler 40 Entered  
Premier Cruising A Ken Waller GBYC Jean Jenie Jeanneau 53 Entered  
  Janet Hornbuckle RPYC Fortuosity C&C 110 Entered  
  Mike Davies Freo CYC Sandstone Jeanneau Sunfast 36 Entered  
  Brien Hennessy RPYC AIDA Beneteau 411 Entered  
  John and Geoff Gammon RPYC Veriaties Frers 40 Entered  
  Don Brooker FSC Dorade Beneteau Sense 50 Entered  
  David Clifton KBSC Thirsty Work S 125 Entered  
Premier Cruising B Jim Jewell GBYC Shorty Hanse 315 Entered  
  Peter Godley GBYC Ruby Tuesday  Catalina 32 Entered  
  Johnathon Wallwork RPYC Toravean Farr 9.2 Entered  
  David Eyres GBYC La Agresion Dubois 34 Entered  
  Iain Hensby KBSC Xtstarsea S 97 Entered  
  David Doherty KBSC Wayward Catalina 310 Entered  
  M. Mcrae/C. Ridgway PRSC Sicarius YW Diamond Entered  
  Abi Paterson/Steve Davies GBYC Kwilena Sunfast 3200 Entered  
  Mark Griffith GBYC Sea Urchin Space Sailor 27 Entered  
  Reg Cornelisse RPYC Reflections Cole 32 Entered  
Flying 15's Andrew Colquhuon SoPYC Reservoir Flogs Flying 15 Entered  
  Andrew Knowles SoPYC A-Squared Flying 15 Entered  
  David Reid SoPYC Ffortitude Flying 15 Entered  
  Neil White SoPYC Aussie Way Flying 15 Entered  
  John Hassen SoPYC Final Fifteen Flying 15 Entered  
  Mike Dunbar SoPYC IniFFible Flying 15 Entered  
  Tim Walker SoPYC Follow Us Flying 15 Entered  
Viper Graeme Monkhouse SoPYC Good Viperations Viper 640 Entered  
  Shaun Hughes SoPYC Velocity Viper 640 Entered  
  Murray Howson PRSC Atheris Viper 640 Entered  
  Rod Beurteaux SoPYC You get in the bowl Viper 640 Entered  
  Greg Reynolds MOFSC Grey Nomad Viper 640 Entered  
  Chris O'Keefe SoPYC Boat With No Name Viper 640 Entered  


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